The Sigma Competencies Recrument Office  the following services to the companies and institutions and government sectors and private:

1. Bringing human cadres to the nature of the work and the client, according to the conditions and principles and the terms of the ministry of labor force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

2. Work on the issuance of visas to the employer.

3. We offer services to mediate on behalf of the Employer.

4. Provide integrated services and support to select the best Specialized cadres trained in all fields and professions.

5. The offer consulting and solutions to the employer in accordance with its requirements

: we are providing services as follows

bringing in domestic workers.
The bringing of drivers.
Bringing in domestic workers and workers of different professions.
The work of the marches of salaries.
The possibility of bringing the doctors in all disciplines.
The possibility of bringing the nurses in all disciplines.
The issuance of visas of labor recruitment office in Jiddah.
The issuance of electronic agencies (delegation of the email).
The possibility of bringing workers of assistive devices through the Bureau.
The possibility of bringing trained labor already work (according to the available according to the agreement with the customer).